Welcome to Lviv

Foreigners and citizens of Ukraine, who want to visit Lviv should know that the officials of militia, the customs service and other law-enforcement bodies not always follow the law. Moreover, trips abroad, in particular, are connected with a risk to become a victim of blackmail, fraud, bodily harms, robbery, etc. What to do then? Where to go? Whom to address?

Qualified lawyers and jurists from the Law Firm Justicia Omnibus will help you as much as possible to soften the results of such “surprises” and to avoid them. We will meet you at the arrival spot or at the place of crossing the border. A person, who will meet you, is a well skilled specialist for legal protection of foreigners against any third persons, state bodies or the officials. Heshe will acquaint you with the rules of safe conduct in Ukraine, will give you advices for the most comfortable residence in Ukraine and also will escort you to the place of living.
We will efficiently respond and protect your interests and rights during all the time you stay on the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, we will represent your interests in communications with the law-enforcement bodies, the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate, the customs, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Procurator’s Office, etc. If needed, we will settle all problems concerning insurance, insurance accident and realization of rights on the insurance policy.

If you became a participant of car traffic accident – our lawyers will come to the place of accident and will grant qualified and in time aid. We also will not leave you alone to face the problem in case of misunderstanding with transportation of your luggage on the territory of Ukraine. If you like being in Lviv or in Ukraine and if you want to purchase real estate here, found an enterprise, invest in our economy, we will conduct any civil or economical contracts.