Prompt legal aid

Were you or your relatives illegally detained by the officials of law-enforcing bodies? Was physical or mental violence applied to you? Was seizure or search ransacked in your house? Did the inspection bodies come to your enterprise? Did you become a participant of car-traffic accident? Were you stopped by the officials of the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate and they demand a bribe?

Conversation with the officials of law-enforcing bodies can take place in awkward time for you. In addition to that, you should not rely upon following the law by them. Nevertheless, you should be ready to meet unpleasant surprises that mean - to secure qualified lawyers’ aid. Any experienced lawyer will admit that prompt reaction on the problem means halfway it’s solving. To increase the drive of granting of legal aid to our clients, Law Firm Justicia Omnibus offers such a service as Prompt Legal Aid. Now the lawyers of our Company are easy to access not only at working time, but also after work, on weekends and holidays.
On your call the lawyer will come to you well prepared, able instantly to solve your problems through the mobile office. Lawyers of the Law Firm Justicia Omnibus are able to grant legal aid in all cases when you contact with law-enforcement bodies, including calling to account to administrative responsibility, witness interrogation, the suspected interrogation, the accused interrogation in criminal case, conducting of seizure, search or survey, inspection, conducted according to art. 97 of the Criminal-procedural Code of Ukraine (this article envisages examination of the grounds to commence of criminal proceedings), inspections of entrepreneurship. To profit by our services, you have to conclude a contract on granting of legal aid.

Existence of such a contract in case of detention of a client makes extremely easier to communicate with the law-enforcement bodies and the lawyer can instantly submit applications, complaints ant other kinds of procedural instruments without wasting your time on execution of a contract on legal aid. Moreover, in case if the officials of the law-enforcement bodies want to contact with the lawyer over the phone numbers, noted in a contract, the answer will be guaranteed.